Conference News: Call for Papers, Proceedings & Cabadaich

Preparing for our 5th Annual Celtic Students Conference in Glasgow, Scotland this Spring

Preparations are now underway to bring you our next conference where we will also be celebrating our fifth birthday - and you're all invited! Keep an eye out for our next newsletter early in the New Year which will have details on how to register. We have been working hard during the past few months; and as well as coming up with a date for the conference, we have also had a new logo designed and a new multilingual website built.


Call for Papers and Posters (doc)
Gairm airson Pàipearan agus Postairean (doc)
Galwad am Bapurau (doc)

Association of Celtic Students of Ireland and Britain
Fifth Annual Conference

University of Glasgow, Scotland
24-26 March 2017
The Association of Celtic Students of Ireland and Britain will be holding its fifth annual conference at the University of Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday and Sunday, the 24th and 25th March 2017.

The aim of the Association is to encourage and bring together socially students of all fields under the Celtic umbrella: be it language, literature, culture, history and beyond. We aim to offer support in the broad field of Celtic Studies; promote all aspects of Celtic Studies (e.g. the study of the Celtic languages, literatures, histories and cultures, etc.); to represent all Celtic students and to campaign on their behalf.

Our conference encourages social and academic links between students of Celtic languages, literatures and cultures from across the Celtic nations and beyond, and to give them a chance to gain the experience of presenting their work in a supportive environment among their peers.

We invite proposals for 10 minute papers and posters on any subject relating to the field of Celtic Studies or related disciplines, both postgraduate and undergraduate. Papers may be presented in any of the Celtic languages or English. There will be live interpretation available for Breton, Welsh, Irish and Scottish Gaelic. Those presenting in Cornish or Manx are asked to provide a written English translation for the audience.

Abstract submissions of no more than 200 words in length should be submitted by Thursday 16th February 2017. To submit, go to or for more information please contact

Mòrbheinn Mèinnearach
ACSIB Chairperson
Submit your Paper here:
Here is the moment in Galway when Tom Fidler, ACSIB President 2015/6, announces that Glasgow had won the bid to host the fifth Celtic Students Conference:
The moment the Galway Conference chooses Glasgow to host our 5th Conference
Conference Cabadaich
Past members chatting about their Conference experiences
Chaidh mise gu mo chiad co-labhairt ASCIB an-uiridh agus bha drùidh cho mòr sin orm gun do chuir sinn iarrtas a-steach ‘son e a thoirt gu Glaschu.

Tha mi a’ creidsinn nach eil sian nas fhèarr ach oileanaich Cheilteach a chruinneachadh ri chèile airson an cuid fiosrachadh agus comhairle a roinn.

‘S e nòs a th’ ann gu bheil sinn a’ toirt sùil air mion-chultaran ach ri chèile chìthear gur sinne an mòr-chultar.

ACSIB Chairperson 2016/17: Mòrbheinn Mhèinnearach, Undergraduate MA Gaelic, University of Glasgow
Tra hooar paart jin yn smooinaght dy chur yn co-haggloo er bun mysh y Nollick ayns 2012, s’coan va shin jerkal dy darragh lhien cur er taghyrt kione three mee, ny sloo foast dy beagh eh goll veih niart dy niart queig bleeaney ny lurg shen as yn co-haggloo tannaghtyn dy chur whilleen caa da scoillaryn ny glaraghyn Celtiagh dy lhiasaghey yn obbyr oc as dy veeiteil rish coasanyn nagh darragh nyn raad er aght elley.

ACSIB President Emeritus 2013/14: Christopher Lewin, current PhD Celtic, University of Edinburgh, MPhil Welsh Aberystwyth University, MA(Hons) Celtic, University of Edinburgh
Christopher has been involved since our inception. Here's what he had to say when we caught up with him:

"When a few of us had the idea of establishing the conference around Christmas 2012, we hardly expected we’d manage to make it happen in three months, still less that it would be going from strength to strength five years later. It continues to give so many opportunities to students of Celtic Studies to develop their work and to meet peers they wouldn’t otherwise cross paths with."
It certainly has been an amazing feat!

We also caught up with Morvyn who attended the 2016 Conference in Galway, Ireland and was successful in her bid to bring the conference to Glasgow.

"I took part in my first ASCIB conference only last year and was so impressed that we placed a bid for the conference to come to Glasgow. I believe there is nothing better than Celtic students meeting together in order to share their experiences and learning. Individually we are considered minorities but collectively we create a majority."

Going by these two testimonies, it really does appear that the Celtic Students Conference is certainly one of the only conferences, if not unique in, providing an opportunity for students of all ages and levels to participate both academically and socially. It's true to say that many great friendships have been made and developed over the few years.

We would like to hear from you too! You can send us your photos and stories of your time at one of our past conferences to and you could see them feature them on our newsletters, Social Media and at the Glaschu 2017 conference.
Conference Proceedings
The annual conference gives undergraduate and postgraduate students the chance to have their papers peer reviewed and published.

This year, Christopher Lewin is again taking the lead in putting together the second volume of our Conference Proceedings from the conferences in Falmouth, Cornwall (2015) and Galway, Ireland (2016). If you presented a paper and would like to have your paper peer reviewed and published please get in touch.

The first volume of proceedings containing papers from the Edinburgh (2013) and Aberystwyth (2014) conferences was published last year and is available to buy on demand from Amazon. See the link below to get your own copy. All profits are fed back into the work of the Association.
Proceedings of the Association of Celtic Students of Ireland and Britain: Vol. I & II: Volume 1 - edited by Christopher Paul Lewin and Sioned Fflur Rhys
Buy the 2013/14 Proceedings here
Produced by Jamie Wallace, Copyright of the Celtic Students Association of Ireland and Britain 2016


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