LGBTQ Terminology in the Celtic Languages

As it is LGBTQ History Month in the United Kingdom, here at the Association of Celtic Students of Ireland and Britain, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the diverse community of speakers and learners of Celtic languages by exploring the growing lexicon of LGBTQ terms in the Celtic languages. If you are an ally or are LGBTQ yourself, here you can find a quick overview of terms to bolster your personal vocabulary with more inclusive language to make everyone feel welcome in our community.

And, most importantly, if you know any additional or alternative terminology, we would love to hear from you in our comments section below!


Welsh brings a broad LGBTQ vocabulary, with what you can see here only being a selection of the extensive list offered by Stonewall Cymru which you can find here.

Masculine Pronoun: Fe.
Feminine Pronoun: Hi.
Neutral Pronoun: Nhw.

Anneuaidd Non-binary
Anrhywiol Asexual
Aromantig Aromantic
Camenwi Deadname
Cwestiynu Questioning
Cwiar Queer
Cydryweddol Cisgender
Deurywiol Bisexual
Dirywedd   Agender
Dyn trawsryweddol
Transgender man
Dysfforia rhywedd
Gender dysphoria
Menyw drawsryweddol
Transgender woman
Rhywedd cyfnewidiol
Trawsryweddol Transgender


With the revival of Cornish, new terms have been developed by Cornish speaking LGBTQ people. For instance, the Cornish vocabulary displayed here was developed by Morvil Kernow (@morvil_kernow on Twitter), and proposed gender neutral pronouns developed by Bagas Gonisogeth Kernow.

Masculine Pronoun: E(v)/y.
Feminine Pronoun: Hi/hy.
Neutral Pronouns: Hynn, ho (possessive), hehynn (emphatic), 'gh (attached to a particle), and for prepositions, add -m to the masculine form.
Anreydhel Asexual
Anryvek Asexual
Anromansek Aromantic
Anynedhek Agender
Dewreydhel Bisexual
Didhewek Non-binary
Direydh Agender
Diwryvek Bisexual
Hanterreydhel Demisexual
Hanterryvek Demisexual
Kenryvek Heterosexual
Kethreydhel Homosexual or Gay
Kethryvek Homosexual or Gay
Kethynedhek Cisgender
Kethynedher, -oryon; den Kethynedhek Cisgender Person
Kwir Queer
Kwirreydhel Genderqueer
Kwirynedh Genderqueer
Lesbek Lesbian
Liesreydhel Polysexual
Ollryvek Pansexual
Panreydhel Pansexual
Reydhlinyel Genderfluid
Syth Straight
Tredhryv Intersex
Treusreydhek Transgender
Treusynedhek Transgender
Treusynedher, -oryon; den Treusynedhek Transgender Person
Ynterryv Intersex


Scottish Gaelic has the outstanding resource of, who have a large list of LGBTQ vocabulary available on their website which you can find here.  

Masculine Pronouns: E/a.
Feminine Pronouns: I/a.
Neutral Pronouns:Iad/an (or am).
Cios-ghnèitheach Cisgender
Cuèir Queer
Dà-sheòrsach Bisexual
Dearbh-aithne gnè Gender identity
Eadar-sheòrsach Intersex
Eile-sheòrsach Heterosexual
Far-ghnèitheach Genderqueer / Non-binary
Gèidh Gay
Gnè-shùbailte Gender fluid
Leasbach Lesbian
Ioma-sheòrsach Polysexual
Leth-ghnèitheach Demigender
Leth-sheòrsach Demisexual
Mì-ainmeachadh Deadnaming
Mì-ghnèitheachadh Misgendering
Neo-bhìnearaidh Nonbinary
Neo-ghnèitheach Agender
Neo-romansach Aromantic
Neo-shàstachd gnè Gender dysphoria
Neo-sheòrsach Asexual
Pan-ghnèitheach Pangender
Pan-sheòrsach Pansexual
Tar-bhoireannach Trans woman
Tar-neach Trans person
Tar-fhireannach Trans man
Tar-ghnèitheach Transgender


Irish has a strong LGBTQ vocabulary, with a selection of terms presented here. Gender neutral pronouns in Irish are a more varied subject, with a variety of pronouns being proposed without any singular one taking 'supremacy' over others. With this in mind, here you can find a small selection of these neutral pronouns.

Masculine Pronouns: Sé/é.
Feminine Pronouns: Sí/í.
Neutral Pronouns: Siad/iad.
Alternative Neutral Pronouns: Intí, Siú, Ea.

For more details on gender neutral pronouns in Irish, along with conjunctive, disjunctive, and emphatic forms, along with prepositional pronouns, see here.
Irish Pride flag, made by Hachiman, Wikimedia commons.

Aerach Gay
Aiteach Queer
Barrmháinliacht Top surgery
Brú Binding
Bunmháinliacht Bottom surgery
Ceisteach Questioning
Cis-inscneach Cisgender
Comhghuaillí Ally
Dá-inscneach Bigender
Déghnéasach Bisexual
Diosfóiria inscne Gender dysphoria
Faoi choim Closeted
Gan-ghnéasach Asexual
Gan inscne Agender
Gan-rómánsach Aromantic
Gnéaschlaonadh Sexual orientation
Idirghnéas Intersex
Il-inscneach Pangender
Il-ghnéasach Pansexual
Inscne-aiteach Genderqueer
Leath-inscnech Demigender
Leispiach Lesbian
Neamh-dhénártha Nonbinary
Painghnéasach Pansexual
Trasdul Transition
Trasinscneach Transgender
Teacht amach Coming out


Similarly to Cornish, the LGBTQ vocabulary for Manx is still growing and developing, with some example terms to be found here. However, it should be noted that unlike some of the other Celtic languages, this vocabulary is in flux, with this only representing terms thought of by a small portion of Manx speaking people.

Masculine Pronouns: Eh/eshyn.
Feminine Pronouns: Ee/ish.
Neutral Pronouns: Ad/adsyn.

An-cheintyssagh Asexual
Daa-cheintyssagh Bisexual
Gay Gay
Lesbianagh Lesbian
Neu-yeesoil Non-binary
Ooilley-cheintyssagh Pansexual
Tessen-yenderagh Transgender


Breton is, similarly to Cornish and Manx, in the process of developing much of its LGBTQ vocabulary, with many of these terms that you can find here only examples of these terms which may very from other examples of such vocabulary you can find elsewhere.

For pronouns in Breton, despite much searching and asking Breton society members and friends, we have not been able to find pronoun used by nonbinary people in Breton. And, with this in mind, if anyone knows of one, we would be more than happy to add to this list if you get in contact with us! What we can say is that Breton uses feminine gender as the default compared to the other Celtic languages that use the masculine, though we would love to hear a Breton speaking Nonbinary person's opinion!

Masculine Pronoun: Eñ.
Feminine Pronoun: Hi.
Daoureizhad / Divreizhad Bisexual
Direizhad Asexual
Dizaouredel Nonbinary
Heñvelreizh Gay and Lesbian
Treuz—reizh Transgender


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