Welcome back!


We are re-launching our blog!

Our aim is to share content made by and for students including academic advice and language learning as well as posts that reflect the interests of our members. Some posts that are coming up are LGBTQ+ terms, language learning and women Celticists. We are updating the information on the blog all the time so keep checking back!

We want to introduce ourselves as we are new editors of this blog:

My name is Freya (She/Her) and I am an undergraduate at the University of Glasgow studying Celtic Studies, focusing on early medieval Ireland. I have been involved with the Association since 2019 but started working on the blog this year. I am looking forward to the organisational side of running a blog as well as learning more about Celtic Studies by writing some posts.

And my name is Emmet (They/Them), and I am a PhD student at University College Cork in the Department of Early and Medieval Irish, also focusing on medieval Ireland! Particularly on the literary side of things. I have been involved with the Association since 2020, but similarly to Freya, have only started working on the blog this year. I am really looking forward to getting the blog polished, as well as providing a resource for current and future students of the Celtic languages and cultures.

If you are interested in writing for us please get in touch - we are happy to share content on anything to do with Celtic Studies and being a student in this field. We accept posts in English or any of the Celtic languages. We are especially looking for academic and study related content. 


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