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Noz an Anaon: Halloween in Brittany

Middle Breton engraving from the church at Ar Merzher (La Martyre) reading: ' An maro han barn han ifern ien pa ho soing den e tle crena fol e na preder ' (Death and the Judgement and the cold Hell, when one thinks of them he must tremble. Mad is one who does not wonder [about it]).   If you were to mention “Halloween” (i.e. using the English word) to somebody in Brittany, they would tell you that it is some Anglo-Saxon commercial festival practiced far away and having nothing to do with us. If you were, however, to tell them about Gouel an Anaon (“the Festival of the Dead”) or Gouel an Hollsent (“All Saints’ Day”, fr. La Toussaint ), then you would most likely hear of some local practices. Your interlocutor would probably tell you of the still extremely common practice to come together as a family to visit your dead on the 1st November. But what of the night before? Halloween is, after all, often said to be of Celtic origins, so surely Bretons will have a remnant of that?

Celtic Students Conference 2021, 22–24th October 2021, University College Dublin and online

  ūüö® Our 2021 Celtic Students Conference starts TOMORROW, 22nd October 2021! Make sure to register & fill an attendance form to receive the Zoom links! (all info below) We have papers on all Celtic languages, all aspects of #CelticStudies , modern and medieval, historical, literary, linguistic & more! We are particularly proud to have papers in 5 of the 6 Celtic languages : #Cymraeg , #Gaeilge , #Kernewek , #Brezhoneg and #G√†idhlig . Simultaneous interpretation will be provided for these papers! ūüó£ Our keynote speakers this year are Prof. Barry Lewis and Prof. Regina U√≠ Chollat√°in. Prof. Barry Lewis, of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, will speak on Friday night about "Literary beginnings: Thinking about the origins of literature in #Irish and #Welsh " Prof. Regina U√≠ Chollat√°in of University College Dublin and Foras na Gaeilge will speak on Saturday night about "M√°ir√≠n U√≠ Mhuir√≠osa (1906-1982): Scol√°ire ceannr√≥da√≠och an L√©inn Cheiltigh agus COB√ĀC&q

Celtic Students Podcast, season 2, ep 10: Linguistic Anthropology and Irish

[Gaeilge] San eipeas√≥id seo, labhra√≠onn Alexandra Philbin agus Kieran Walker le Steve Coleman , antraipeola√≠ teangeola√≠och at√° ag obair mar l√©acht√≥ir sa Roinn Antraipeola√≠ochta in Ollscoil Mh√° Nuad. Pl√©ann siad an tr√©imhse a chaith Steve sa Ghaeltacht i R√°th Chairn le linn a dhocht√ļireachta, an taighde antraipeola√≠och at√° idir l√°mha aige a bhaineann leis an nGaeilge agus na molta√≠ at√° aige do mhic agus d’in√≠onacha l√©inn a bhfuil suim acu sa chine√°l taighde seo. T√° an eipeas√≥id seo i nGaeilge agus i mB√©arla. √ďstaigh: Alexandra Philbin agus Kieran Walker Aoi: Steve Coleman F√©ach ar an liosta th√≠os de na heagra√≠ochta√≠, ceolt√≥ir√≠, scr√≠bhneoir√≠, acad√≥ir√≠ agus saothair a luadh san eipeas√≥id seo chun tuilleadh eolais a fh√°il. [English] In this episode, Alexandra Philbin and Kieran Walker speak to Steve Coleman , a linguistic anthropologist working as a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology in Maynooth University. They discuss the time Steve spent in the Gaeltacht in R√°th Chairn d

Celtic Students Podcast, season 2, ep 9: Gwneud Doethuriaeth mewn Pandemic

Dyma ein podlediad Cymraeg cyntaf! Mae'n sgwrs rhwng Alan Kersaudy, myfyriwr o Lydaw, a Jack Pulman-Slater. Myfyriwr doethuriaeth ym Mhrifysgol Caerdydd ydy Jack, arbenigwr ar gwestiynau goslef ag ynganiad y Gymraeg, a thiwtor Cymraeg cyfeillgar ac angerddol hefyd. Gwnaeth Alan ofyn iddo am y profiad o ysgrifennu traethawd doethuriaeth mewn pandemic, am yr asgogiadau a'i dywysodd ar y ffordd 'ma, ac am ei syniadau ar y gwahanol ddulliau dysgu Cymraeg ar lein ar y pryd...  This is our first Welsh-language podcast, and a conversation between Alan Kersaudy, a Rennes 2 University student and Jack Pulman-Slater, a PhD student in Cardiff University, specialist on the Welsh prosodic system and a friendly and passionate Welsh tutor. In this talk, Alan asked him about the endeavor of making a dissertation during this challenging time, the motivations that guided him on this path, and his thoughts and doubts on the different Welsh self-teaching apps and online tools available out th