Listen now to season 2!

Episode 1: "Celtic Studies at DIAS & the Ní hAnsae Podcast", with Dr Nike Stam (dedicated post here)
Episode 2: "Yn Greinneyder and Culture Vannin", with Ruth Keggin-Gell (dedicated post here)
Episode 3: "Brezhoneg e Harvard?", with Myrzinn Boucher-Durand, Fañch Bihan-Gallic and Alan Kersaudy (dedicated post here)
Episode 4: "Gorsedh Kernow", with Elizabeth Carne and Pol Hodge (dedicated post here)
Episode 5: "Na Gàidheil ann an Alba Nuadh | The Gaels in Nova Scotia", with Lodaidh MacFhionghain (Lewis MacKinnon) (dedicated post here)
Episode 6: "Learning Breton in Skol an Emsav", with Hélène Bonniec and Bethan Ruth Roberts (dedicated post here)

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