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Episode 1: "Cornish at the Cornwall Council", featuring Mark Trevethan
Episode 2: "Celtic at Utrecht University", featuring Britt van Asselt and Pierre Faure
Episode 3: "Manx music", featuring Isla Callister
Episode 4: "New Speakers of Irish", featuring John Walsh and Bernadette O'Rourke
Episode 5: "The XVIIth International Congress of Celtic Studies in Utrecht", featuring Aaron Griffith and Nike Stam
Episode 6: "The 'Youth Engagement in European Language Preservation' Project and the Irish-Language Summer Colleges", featuring Máire McCafferty
Episode 7: "Irish Manuscripts in the British Library", featuring Seosamh Mac Cárthaigh
Episode 8: "Tackling Far-Right Appropriation of Celtic History", featuring Adam Bierstedt
Episode 9: "The Sounds of Medieval Wales", featuring Llewelyn Hopwood
Episode 10: "The Celtic Students Conference 2023", featuring Stiofán Ó Briain and Erin McNulty

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Episode 1: "Celtic Studies at DIAS & the Ní hAnsae Podcast", with Dr Nike Stam (dedicated post here)
Episode 2: "Yn Greinneyder and Culture Vannin", with Ruth Keggin-Gell (dedicated post here)
Episode 3: "Brezhoneg e Harvard?", with Myrzinn Boucher-Durand, Fañch Bihan-Gallic and Alan Kersaudy (dedicated post here)
Episode 4: "Gorsedh Kernow", with Elizabeth Carne and Pol Hodge (dedicated post here)
Episode 5: "Na Gàidheil ann an Alba Nuadh | The Gaels in Nova Scotia", with Lodaidh MacFhionghain (Lewis MacKinnon) (dedicated post here)
Episode 6: "Learning Breton in Skol an Emsav", with Hélène Bonniec and Bethan Ruth Roberts (dedicated post here)
Episode 7: "Béaloideas na hÉireann" (Irish folklore), with Ailbe van der Heide (dedicated post here)
Episode 8: "Urban Gaelic Sociolinguistics", with Chris Oates (dedicated post here)
Episode 9: "Gwneud Doethuriaeth mewn Pandemic", with Jack Pulman-Slater (dedicated post here)
Episode 10: "Linguistic Anthropology and Irish", with Steve Coleman (dedicated post here)

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