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How to make an Academic Poster

  If you want to make a poster, the Celtic Students Conference is accepting some! The standard way for academics to take part in conferences is through the oral, (usually) 20-minute long presentation. If you level-up to Highly Respected Professor, you may get your own 45 minutes to an hour keynote lecture. One thing we rarely see, even though the option often exists, is academic posters. Yet it is a valuable way to contribute to an academic event, while offering unique opportunities to interact with colleagues. Let’s delve into it further. What is an Academic Poster? An academic poster is a written, printed poster (you don’t tell!), often in A2 or A1 format, that is displayed at events like conferences. It is often to be seen in the main hub of the conference, or in specially dedicated rooms. Even though posters are written and can be looked at freely throughout the event, special poster sessions tend to be added to the programme in order to allow authors to discuss their contribution

Celtic Students Conference 2023 – Call for Papers

[Celtic languages below] The Association of Celtic Students (formerly: of Ireland and Britain) will be holding its tenth annual conference from the 30th March to the 1st April 2023.    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and in the interest of greater accessibility, this year’s conference will be a hybrid event. Guests are warmly invited to attend in-person presentations at the University of Glasgow, or to attend online if they prefer. All arrangements are subject to national health advice and restrictions and may change as the situation develops.  We welcome presentations in English and in any of the Celtic languages. We accept papers from current students and recent graduates on any aspect of Celtic Studies, as well as any topic associated with any of the Celtic languages, peoples, literatures, histories, and/or cultures. Conference papers should be between 15-20 minutes in length. We will also be hosting posters on our online Conference Hub throughout the event. We welcome poster