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Carantes Announcement

We are Carantes (from Proto-Celtic * karants ), and we want to invite you to help protect the field we all love from the global growth of Fascism and Far-Right movements. If that is all you need to hear, email us at and we will add you to our mailing list. But, if you want the full story, here it is.  We are a group of young scholars who met at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies' Summer School in 2022, who, after the episode of the Association of Celtic Students' Podcast about Celtic Studies, Fascism, and the Far-Right , came together to form a reading group. As time went on, supervisors, senior scholars, fellow students, and others expressed interest in supporting us and getting involved. So, here we are today, with a shiny new logo from the wonderful ForFeda Project , to open our doors and invite you to join us as we learn to better ourselves and help safeguard Celtic Studies.  If you have listened to the aforementioned episode of the Association