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Fionn Folklore Database

For this month's blog post, we're going to be taking a look at the  Fionn Folklore Database , giving a brief introduction to it and some of its features and how I, as both a researcher and a social media assistant for the database, use them to my advantage.  First off: As a disclaimer: I do receive financial compensation for my work on the Database, with me being paid on an hourly rate. That being said, for this post, I have deliberately chosen not to use any time tracking services and to avoid any compensation. This is me writing this as someone who is on the database at least once a week, has genuinely found it useful, and wants to help other researchers at all levels get something new out of it, not just for the sake of propping up a project I'm writing on.  So, what is the Fionn Folklore Database, what does it contain, what does it do?  The Fionn Folklore Database is, per its own social media blurb, "a  trilingual database  connecting people with c. 3,500  folktale