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Getting Into the Ulster Cycle

In April, here at the Blog we discussed the issue of Public Outreach in Celtic Studies , where we touched on the idea that while the public adores what we as students of the Celtic languages and associated cultures study, the proliferation of poor resources on the internet wildly misleads the public. This is particularly problematic for medieval Celtic literatures, where, while we as a field have created wonderful databases of edition,  translations, manuscripts, and articles available online, they are little-known by the public. What could be outstanding resources for public outreach are passed over and missed by the hungry minds that go searching online for answers. Táin mural by Desmond Kinney. Featuring a guest pigeon. As discussed in April's blog post, while this is an issue greater than any individual in the field, it is one that we as students often find ourselves working in our own small and disparate ways to resolve. However, there are only so many times one of us can w