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Undergraduate Research and Lament but not in that Order!

Many undergraduates are asked to or given the option to complete a research project towards the end of their course. Having recently submitted my own I wanted to write about my experience and why this is something you should consider doing too. At my university the length of your project is determined by the course you are on, and for me it was 12,000 words and I was expected to take a whole academic year to complete it. This will change depending on the course and university but the longer sustained project aspect should be common to most undergraduates.  Starting any large project is intimidating, especially when the only outside rubric is the final submission date and approximate word count. I started thinking about potential topics about six months before the deadline to set a topic and suggest a supervisor. This may sound very organised but I went in about three different directions and changed my mind a lot before getting to my final topic which was gender and lament in Early Iri