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Celtic Students Podcast, season 2, ep 4: Gorsedh Kernow

In this episode, Kensa Broadhurst talks about the Cornish Gorsedh, Gorsedh Kernow, with Elizabeth Carne, Grand Bard, and Pol Hodge, Deputy Grand Bard. They discuss what the Gorsedh is, its formation, how people become Bards and the activities with which the Gorsedh is involved.  Y’n towlen ma Kensa Broadhurst a gews a-dro Gorsedh Kernow gans Melennek, Bardh Meur, ha Mab Stennak Veur, Kannas Bardh Meur. I a dhadhel pyth yw an Orsedh, hy fondyans, fatel wra an dus a dheuth ha bos Berdh ha gwriansow an Orsedh.  Links & notes:   Elizabeth Carne (Melennek), Grand Bard  Pol Hodge (Mab Stenak Veur), Deputy Grand Bard  Gorsedh Kernow ( )  Federation of Old Cornwall Societies ( )  Cornish Language Board ( )  Henry Jenner, First Grand Bard  Robert Morton Nance, Second Grand Bard  Lowender Peran Festival ( )  Kernewek Lowender Festival in Australia ( )  Richard Spurr  Holyer an Gof Book Awards

How to Learn Scottish Gaelic

Learning Scottish Gaelic (+ resource list) Over the past 6 years since I started learning Gaelic at university, I have encountered many people eager to acquire the language but who lack the financial means to take classes and who, as a result, never really got started. If you are one of those people, I hope that this post will give you an overview of some of the resources available and help you dive into this beautiful language.   How to Get Started Probably the most useful resource, in my opinion at least, are the Progressive Gaelic books , the first two of which are also available as Kindle Editions . The PG series are the textbooks we used during the first two years of my university Gaelic course and, to this day, I will use them to look up grammar points if I have a lapse in memory. They contain explanations of grammar points, vocabulary, grammar exercises, short texts and dialogues. Audio files for the first book and answer files for the first two books are available through the

Celtic Students Podcast, season 2, ep 3: Brezhoneg e Harvard?

[Br] Pennad-kaoz get Myrzinn Boucher-Durand , studierez àr ar Brezhoneg e Skol-Veur Harvard, el lec'h m'emañ é krogiñ he zezenn goude he devout tremenet daou vlead master eno, kaset gant Alan Kersaudy , studier M1 àr ar brezhoneg e Roazhon ha Fañch Bihan-Gallic , é paouez seùel un dezenn sokio-yezhoniezh e Aberdeen, o-daou eus Kevredigezh ar Studierien Keltiek.  Mar plij ganeoc'h, deuit e darempred ma fell deoc'h kemer perzh er gevredigezh @CelticStudents ! Email:   [Eng] This episode is an interview in Breton of Myrzinn Boucher-Durand, who is currently doing her PhD in the Celtic Department of Harvard University, with Alan Kersaudy, an MA student at the University of Rennes, and Fañch Bihan-Gallic who recently graduated with a PhD in Aberdeen University. Myrzinn talks about her journey from the Arrée mountain in the Centre of Brittany to the US before they all start comparing their respective experience as Breton-speaking studen