Learning Breton / Deskiñ brezhoneg

    Demat deoc’h ! I have the immense pleasure of sharing with you, within the Learning Celtic Languages series, resources on how to learn Breton. This Celtic language from outside the British Isles, is a Brythonic language, thus partial intercomprehension does exist with Welsh and more so Cornish. Today, standardised Breton, or peurunvan, is composed of KLT and Gwenedeg. KLT stands for Kerne-Leon-Treger which were the main bishoprics of Lower Brittany. Gwenedeg, or vannetais, is spoken in Bro-Wened and is known as the most linguistically conservative form of Breton, it’s writing, pronunciation and certain words differ from that of KLT.

    Nota bene: Upper Brittany is everything not highlighted in bright colours on the map below, this is where people speak Gallo – the second language of Brittany. Similar to the relationship between Scots and Scottish Gaelic, Gallo is a langue d’oïl with an estimation of 191,000 speakers (2012).